It's time to unwind with design

There is something uniquely satisfying about being associated with great design. A satisfaction that comes from a thoughtful approach to the manufacturing process, amazing raw materials, minimal environmental impact and extremely talented artisans.

Ultimately ME+HE gets to deliver a level of quality, contemporary design that we are proud to be associated with.

Whether it be a beautiful Tatine candle as you unwind in the bath, a glass of wine from a Nude decanter, travelling in style with Joshu + Vela or a day at the beach with Ottoloom; great design just makes life that little bit better.

A focus on quality design is not about the upfront purchase it’s about the ongoing satisfaction that you get from enduring quality and longevity from a great piece.

It’s time to unwind with design… Sit back, relax and enjoy knowing that you are in good hands with the Urban Design Essentials collection from ME+HE