The Jones’ never had any style

We have all lived across the road from 'The Jones' at one time or another.

The family that had it all… the latest electronics, toys, gadgets and everything in between with what seemed like an endless run of thoughtless consumerism.

Sooner or later we realise that the Jones’ didn’t have any style at all, and that there is an escape from the excessive “let’s buy it” mindset that forms the basis big box retail.

With a focus on thoughtful, quality orientated design ME+HE provides an alternative. One where longevity, simplicity, amazing raw materials and quality workmanship forms the basis of our short batch manufacturing philosophy.

Each piece is manufactured with love, care and an attention to detail that you don’t get with just in time, large scale manufacturing. Our collections are carefully pick by Zane and I for people who love and appreciate the detail and process that goes into every piece within the ME+HE collection

The Jones’ will always roll on as heavy consumerism forms the backbone of big box retail. ME+HE offers a quality alternative with its Urban Design Essentials Collection for those who appreciate something a little bit special.