Manuka Honey & Rose Hand Cream 60mls
Manuka Honey & Rose Hand Cream 60mls

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Manuka Honey & Rose Hand Cream 60mls

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Beautifully nourishing. New Zealand Kawakawa tea is known for it's healing properties and Manuka Honey for it's antibacterial properties.  Perfect for people prone to eczema and dry skin, this will leave your hands feeling amazing and smelling gorgeous


Organic calendula, comfrey root, New Zealand kawakawa tea, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, emulsifying compound, New Zealand manuka honey, organic glycerin, lactic acid, buriti oil, carrot oil, papaya extract, bee pollen, natural vitamin e, rose natural fragrance & potassium sorbate.

Amber Glass Bottle

  • Better UV protection. Amber bottles can filter out blue and ultraviolet light. When you protect the ingredients from the harmful rays, the products, you are extending the shelf life of the ingredients.
  • No harmful chemicals from the glass can leach into your products.  It is said that 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.  It is an eco-friendly choice that also protects you from chemicals that can be found in some other materials.